Some of the projects and businesses running QManager

Our own online store is now a very succesfull business that runs on QManager since the beginning. We have been taking advantage of the many automation solutions in QManager to run the store with very little man power.

At we use QManager to handle everything from website back end to invoicing and accounting reports.
We have different levels of automation throughout the activities that you usually have at an online store.
For example we have integrated our Asterisk call center with QManager and this way we get all the calls displayed in the application with all the information about a caller even before an operator answers the phone. This allows each operator to view information about each caller, like orders, tasks associated with his phone number and any other interaction that the caller might have had in the past with your company, making it easier to decide which operator is the right one to answer which call.

Another example of integration are the custom devices that we have specially build to connect to different peripherals like cash registers.
We have build a device that uses a Raspberry Pi board and a custom board to extend its serial communication capability in order to be able to communicate with cash registers. We have implemented the cash register communication protocol (currently for Datecs cash registers) into this device and using the QManager Apis we are able to print receipts seamlessly from within the application.
You can find out more about these devices in our Software & Devices section.

A start-up online store with products for children, that has put its trust in QManager to help its growth.

They are using QManager for managing the website with complete control over products, supplier feeds and offers to invoicing and transport companies integration for a better efficiency.

More information about QManager

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