Company history


We have started in 2003 as a software company. We have since constantly improved and developed.
Our focus was e-commerce and business software and thus we have tried to offer our customers the most flexible platform for their needs. This led to the development of our business framework QManager.

In 2007 we decided that the best way to test our software was to try it out for ourselves. This and our passion for high-end audio and video equipment led to us opening as an on-line store for Autio-Video equipment.
We implemented our own software, based on the QManager framework, to manage and handle every aspect of the business and this allowed us to grow

Since then became a very important part of our business and it grew rapidly.
In 2008 we opened our first showroom in our small office, where people could see, test and buy some of the products from our website.

In 2010 we have moved to our current location closer to downtown Bucharest and more suitable for a high-end showroom.
Since 2011 we have ventured into the distribution market as well by importing some brands directly. We have started with partnerships for brands like Sennheiser, and we have constantly added to our portfolio, brands that we think we can represent very well in Romania.
We have been careful not to overextend ourselves and to keep a balance between the market growth and new partnerships.

We have a team of 11 people at the moment and we have managed to grow each year consistently using as few people as possible.